Things in my writing world have been a little slow lately. I have some projects I need to force myself to get started, but I am really trying in the new year. My friend Brian’s death from AML really affected me more than I thought it would.

But I promised myself I would push through this block and really start to write. I have plans on a chapbook and plans on a long form poem about my lovely friend.

I am feeling a little untethered from my writing community. It was such a source of support, a magical community, and now we are all separated by graduation and time and life. I have not found the correct community in my own area. I mean, I have my specific friends, but no round table, no workshops.

Ah well.

A little late promoting this– the holidays really took up a lot of my time– but Uno Kudo Vol. 4 is now available for purchase. It features my poem, “Reading Bukowski”, and it is a breathtaking collection of art and literature. Click the link to purchase!


Last night I met Chris Isaak at the Hampton Casino Ballroom, and not only did I give him a copy of my poem about him, he signed and drew his likeness on my arm, which I had tattooed on me today. This isn’t really “news” as much as it is “fan-girling”.



Photo by Jessica Lynne Furtado

Kolleen Carney is a Boston-born, Burbank based poet with an undergraduate degree in English from Salem State University and an MFA in Poetry from Antioch University Los Angeles.  She served thrice as an assistant editor and once as the co-editor of poetry for Lunch Ticket, as well as assistant poetry editor for Paper Nautilus and Soundings East. She is currently the social media coordinator and managing editor for Zoetic Press, as well as an assistant poetry editor; she is the editor-in-chief and social media coordinator for Drunk Monkeys; she formerly served as the social media coordinator for  The Citron Review and Five:2:One Magazine. She is a poetry reader for Los Angeles Review.

Her chapbook, Me and the Twelve Step Program, was published by the Salem State Center for Creative and Performing Arts in 2003. Her chapbook, Your Hand Has Fixed the Firmament is available from Grey Books Press. Her poetry and other writings have appeared or will be appearing in Currents, Vision/ Verse, Lunch Ticket, and MassPoetry.org, Golden Walkman,  The Watershed Review, Incredible Sestinas, Uno Kudo Vol. 4, A Quiet Courage, Yellow Chair Review, Drunk Monkeys, Clever Girl Magazine, and Five 2 One Magazine. Her advice column, Sincere Advice From a Girl Whose Life is a Mess, appears in Five:2:One magazine.

Kolleen has twice received the Presidential Arts Award Scholarship for her writing and was also the recipient of the Salem State Center for Creative and Performing Arts Student Artistic Development Grant.  In the past she has been a volunteer for the Mass Poetry Festival. She also devoted four years to teaching high school aged students about eating disorder awareness and is an advocate for NEDA.

Kolleen is available for social media coordination, freelance work, copy editing, and as a poetry editor for any literary publication. See the contact page for more information.