You can find my work here:


Grey Book Press

Your Hand Has Fixed the Firmament (June 2017)

Spooky Girlfriend Press

A Live Thing, Clinging with Many Teeth (April 2019)


Clever Girl

Our Bones Will Be Our Ruins (Print, 2016)

Crab Fat Magazine

Hollywood (April 2018)

Drunk Monkeys

There is a Creature in the Desert with the Sharpest Claws (March 2016)

Glass Poetry

Convenience Store Cigar, Four Times (May 2018)

Golden Walkman

I’ve Been Listening to a lot of Chris Issak (Issue 1.4, Audio, April 2014)

Lust (Issue 1.3, Audio, March 2014)

Incredible Sestinas

MassPo Challenge (July 2014)

Moonchild Magazine

Everyone is a Predator (December 2017)(nominated for Best of the Net)


A Correspondence Between Laura and Dale, 1989 (January 2018)

A Quiet Courage

That Time We Almost Died (December 2015)

Rabid Oak

During Marwencol I Play with Your Hair (December 2018)

Watching Secretary, I Think of the Palm of Your Hand (December 2018)

Uno Kudo

Reading Bukowski (Volume 4, Print, 2014)

Watershed Review

Hangman’s Daughter (Spring 2014)

Yellow Chair Review

Lovely Frances (December 2015)


Blue Fifth Review

The Dark Within, or, a Look at the Trauma of Twin Peaks Without Once Referencing Pie or Coffee (April 2018)

Five:2:One Magazine

Let People Enjoy Things For God’s Sake, or, What Pokemon Go Does for My Suicidal Ideation (July 2016)

Memoir Mixtapes

Reflecting the Surface of You: A relationship set to “Finally, Peace” 

(Vol. 3, Whole Lotta Love, February 2018)

Vignettes and Musings While Contemplating Throwing Copper, Secret Samadhi, and The Distance to Here by Live (September 2018)

VIDA: Women in Literary Arts

It’s okay, it’s art, keep going (September 2017)



Bad Pony

Sacrificing Ideas of Pacifism (November 2017)

Five:2:One Magazine

Sisyphus is Female and a Sophomore at Methuen High (September 2016)

Rabid Oak

The Way It Is Now (August 2017) (nominated for Best Small Fictions)



Birth. Movies. Death.

The Age Where Nothing Fits: Natalie Wood in Rebel Without a Cause (November 2017)

Chuck and Buck: A “Comedy” About Dangerous Fixation (August 2017)

The Flawed and Fantastic Women of Steel Magnolias (August 2017)

Get Inside the Minds Behind Insidious: The Last Key (January 2018)

In Defense Of That Scene In IT (September 2017)

The Perfect Minimalism of Geralds Game (Print, 2017)

Say Something Nice: Trauma (1993) (January 2018)

The Scant and Simple Story of Carol Sobieski (September 2017)

A Visit to the Set of The Happytime Murders (July 2018)




Alex Schumacher: Breadcrumbs from the Void (interview)

Andrea Blythe (poet spotlight)

Maudlin HouseWriter of the Week (January 2018)

The Review Review (review of Drunk Monkeys)

wildness- Hannah Cohen (review)



Horror Movie a Day: The Book- Brian Collins

NonBinary Review #13: Urban Legends/Snopes

Sunrise in Spain: Finding the Good Life Hiking the Camino de Santiago- Theresa Fersch


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